An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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Alastor Alucard

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PostSubject: Alastor{Complete}   Mon May 17, 2010 5:22 pm

Name: Alastor
Alignment: Good
Supremo: 1
Nickname: Creator Iussu Lumen
Age: 3029


Wing Appearance:

Weapon Name: Levis

Weapon Appearance:

Weapon True Form:

Wing Incantation: Addo ater atra atrum ut lux lucis.

Wing Abilities:

Healing: Alastor can uses his powers to heal minor cuts on his body.

Sanctus Contego(Holy Shield): Alastor uses his wings to block attacks of opponents. Light surrounds the edge all around his wings creating a bright light. Alastor moves his wings around him and they begin to look as if they solidifie incasing his body in what may look to be a coccoon.

Sanctus Spiculum(Holy Spear): Alastor pulls one or multiple feathers from his wings and holds them in his hands. Light will start to surround them and make them grow gradually making them into long spear like weapons. Alastor can use them to throw at enemies if he'd like or go about using them in a closer type of range if he doesn't want to use his weapon.

Sanctus Exitium(Holy Destruction): This is Alastors strongest but most costly attack. Long tendrils of light sprout from his wings and towards his opponent trying to grab them. If they happen to grab them Alastor will pull them close to him and try to engulf them in his wings. After this light will start to build on the inside of Alastor wings. This light unlike the other lights will build up to a seering pain and create an explosion the size of a football field. There is a slim chance that Alastor will survive this. But if he does it will take quite a while for him to fully recuperate.

Personality: Alastor is a calm, kind person, but he can be strict and stern when needed. He'll always keep an open mind and always attempt to do what's best for everyone around him. He's not one to back down from a fight or potential fight but if he sees there is no way to avoid it or that it wouldn't be a good idea to run he'll not hesitate to fight.

History: Alastor was raised by a highly religious family. He never really liked or agreed with any of it but he was always forced to do prayers and go to a service with his family. Though not agreeing to anything he was subjected to as a child he still went through everything every male in his family went through. He was put through stict relgious test. Away from the test and his family Alastor had fallen in love with a local girl. He didn't tell or let his family no this while taking the test. If a mistake was made during the test he was to be punished. The girl Alastor had fallen in love with had no care for religion and had constantly question why should you be punished for something you don't believe in. Alastor always agreed with her. The girl was from a more upperclass like family who looked down upon Alastor's family always saying their religion was the wrong one. The girl like Alastor didn't tell her family.

Eventually he passed every test failing each one atleast two times before passing. Afterwards it was finally his turn to become a priest but to his families dislike he refused to become one. He told his family he wouldn't because he'd fallen in love and didn't want to be apart of something he didn't believe in. This angered his family more than anything he'd ever done. That night he packed his bags to leave awaiting the girl whom was telling her family why she was leaving.

While they prepared to leave their families met up as if it took disobidence and dishonor to bring their two families together. As Alastor and his love attempted to leave they were captured by both of their families. Both they're families said their disobidience couldn't go unpunished and that if they were allowed to get away with it other members of their families would think they could get away with it. Alastor was returned to his family who tied him to a pole with rope and put in the middle of the town. Alastor's family beat then starved him saying that if he didn't believe in what they believed in they'd just send him to the great beyone to witness it for himself. As for the girl, her family forced her to marry another from the town and sent them away the next day. Alastor was already starved and beating and on the brink of death but this was too much. He died a few hours after she left. Not from starvation or the beating but from a broken heart.

In death Alastor was confronted by an angel who asked him. "Alastor.... Do you wish to accept fate." At first Alastor questioned what he asked and then he thought about it answering simply. "No.... Why would I accept something that took away the love of my life and my own life.... No i'll never accept Fate." The angel simply smiled slightly and threw Alastor a katana like blade in a sheath. With his final words being "Name it and make it your own." Then disappearing.

RP Sample:

(Flashback before a battle) A loud sound hit the door and from the other side of the door Alastor heard someone’s voice. WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!!!! Stirring on the Alastor rolled out of bed with a grunt hitting the floor. The knocking started up again and Alastor slowly made his way across the room. What…..? Right before making it to the door Alastor's foot caught one of the sandals that was on the floor. Uh oh..... Alastor fell straight forward his face hitting the door. Reaching up as if he hadn't just rammed his head into the door he slid the door open. What do you want.....? Feeling something land on his back he tried to look up only to find he was to lazy to do it. Get up or you're going to be late. Grunting and attempting to close the door he found that girl had wedged his foot in the door. Rolling and looking he found his eyes meeting hers. Alright Alright I’m up. Alastor scratched his head and returned the look. What? Taking her foot she stuck it on Alastor's head while he was still on the floor. You're a mess that’s what. Pushing her foot away and standing up. I didn't wake up here to get lectured about being messy....... Can I get some privacy? Waving her hand she moved to the side of the door. Of course. Picking up the close she'd apparently dropped on his back he looked at them. Clean as usual and always folded neatly. Pulling the cloths on he gave her conformation to come back in. Grabbing his Blade and putting by his side but not tying it he slid on his sandals. What is it about this time? Shrugging Takame turned to leave and for Alastor to follow. What's it usually about... Alastor looked up as if he were thinking Hmm, sleeping..... being lazy....... being late..... Takame took the hilt of her sword and threw it at Alastor's head. Uh oh....... It hit Alastor in the head tipping him over just as he got to a small set of steps. Ow that kinda hurt he said fingering the spot it had hit. Walking over and retrieving her Zanpakuto she walked to stand over Alastor. It was a rhetorical question and you know that, now get up before you have me late Alastor clenched his nose with his fist watching her as she turned around to watch. You know something….. You’re a brute Takame.
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PostSubject: Re: Alastor{Complete}   Sat May 22, 2010 11:06 pm

Well first of all, you personality is way to short. Please describe with more detail, Also your explosion move will damage you, you cannot always survive while using that technique. That is all but your history, please proof read it and make sure it makes sense. Also please add how long your moves last for, how strong is it, and what is the cool down.
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