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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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 Diva, No-last-name

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PostSubject: Diva, No-last-name   Fri May 21, 2010 9:52 pm

Name: Diva, No-last-name
Alignment: Varies
Nickname: ---
Age: Five years old


Height: Stands at five feet and six inches.
Weight: Weighs one-hundred and twenty pounds.
Usual Style of Clothing: Usually seen wearing a white, open collared, one piece suit. The collar has a type of belt looping with a black belt going through it. The suit has no sleeves and instead has non-attached sleeves with the same black belt looped at the top of each one to keep them up. The sleeves are too long for Diva's arms and instead come to meet her palm and are also wider then her arms need. This is also the same for the legs of the suit.
Other: Diva has a dark, crimson marking on her forehead which can be hidden under her bangs and appears and disappears at the same rate as her heart beat.
Wing Appearance: The wings on Diva's back are invisable to the naked eyes. Although if seen they appear like those of dove wings that, when extended, are the same length of her arms. The are indications of the wings that are visiable on her bare back. A crimson "V" that looks smiliar to the marking on her forehead.

Weapon Name: ---

Weapon Appearance: ---

Weapon True Form: ---

Wing Incantation: Aquarion

Wing Abilities: Diva has the ability to control objects around her. Some call this ability telekinesis. She can only control objects and she can only do this by putting part of her spirit into the object she is controlling. When Diva is begining to use this ability, the marking on her forhead and the indications on her back where her wings are will shine. The object that is under her control will be outlined in a bright, crimson light much like her marking. Also, Diva must have the object she wishes to control in her visual sights, she can only move obejcts that she can lift or move physically and if the object that she has placed her soul in is damaged in anyway, Diva also becomes injured along with the object.

Personality: Diva is a very curious character. She is mostly pleasent to others and is usually very joyful. Although she is not optimistic and believes that anything can happen and always look to the worst possible answer as the best. It is very difficult to anger Diva. Only by insulting her directly can she be angered or saddened.

History: Diva was cut from her mother within three months of development. However, her body and health showed that she had been carried full term even though that was not true. She hadn't cried like most infants did when they were born. Instead she searched the area with wide eyes, meeting every pair of eyes that looked at her. She was surrounded by dozens of people wearing dark hoodies in a room filled with hundreds of lit torches that burned purple flames. She was still covered in blood when she was placed on a cold, stone table in the middle of the room. Once she was placed down, one of the bodies from the shadows lit one of the edges of the table with a red flame that quickly moved to lit the entire outside of the table. Diva looked around fiercely as the people began to chant around her. The fire wall on the table was low at first, but once the chanting began the fire suddenly became a tall wall that reached the ceiling. Her forehead began to burn and she started to cry and her legs and arms began to thrust against the stone, but as they hit the table for some reason they were becoming longer and bigger along with her hair that was only inches tall when she was born. Her eyes started to blur and all she could see was bright red lights and then everything around her went black and the people went silent. When she opened her eyes, she was still in the room, but there was no longer any light from the fire. Instead there was an open door that allowed the sunlight to shine in at the far end of the room. She blinked to clear her vision and began to move her fingers and toes feeling around at the stone table she was still laying on. It was still cold and had some kind of liquid on it. As she placed her palm in the liquid she brought her hand up to hovering above her face so that she could see what it was that she was lying in. She could barely see the color of it, but it seemed to be a type of red liquid. As she stared at her red covered palm she began to search down her arm to see the she was covered all over in this red liquid. She felt drops on her cheek and instinctly took her hovering hand and tried to wipe the liquid that had dripped from it from her face, but only managed to spread it on her face. After laying there for a few momments, Diva began to remember the people and fire and chanting and the pain on her forehead. As she called back these memories she also remembered being a small infant, with tiny arms and legs and inch long hair, but as she threw her arms up in the air to look at them they had grown extremely long. Then she looked down at the legs. The same thing had happened to them. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and as she continued to look at her legs she realized that they were also covered in red liquid along with her chest and stomach and, as she asumed, her entire back. She turned to slid off of the table, her hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back and placed her feet on the ground in a puddle of red liquid which seemed to cover the entire floor of the room along with piles of black robes which looked similar to the clothing of the people that surrounded her. She searched the ground seeing more and more piles of robes and the piles seemed to be lying in big puddles of red liquid. She tilted her head confused and curious about what she was seeing. "It's blood." A low, rough voice entered the room. She looked up in the direction of the open door and could see that there was gray smoke appearing in the light of the from the wall. She opened her mouth, but closed it right back, not understanding why it had opened in the first place. "You're trying to speak, aren't you? But I'm asuming that you don't know how. Since you're only eightteen hours old." The source of the voice and smoke took only two steps out of the shadows and entered the light so Diva could see more clearly. The body was almost as tall at the doorway it stood in and had a small little white stick in between the fingers on the left side that appeared to be the source of the gray smoke. Unlike herself, the body was wearing alot of clothing that covered everything, except it's hands and head. The body's head had black hair on it the reached down to it's neck and covered it's right side of the face entirely. It's left eye was a smokey gray color that shined in the light. As Diva studied the body, it spoke again. "I'm Charles." She continued to scan over the body with her eyes to see it holding something white in it's right hand. Her eyes stayed there for awhile and the body seemed to follow her eyes to it's right side. The body let out a 'hmph' type of laugh and made it's way over to her, stepping over the piles of robes that surrounded her. As the body stood in front of her it seemed to be giving her whatever was in it's right hand. She took it quickly and fuddled around with it in her finger tips, trying to make out what it was and trying not to get the red liquid from her hands on to it. "Clothes. If you want to leave here you have to put on clothes. Unfortunately." When she looked up at the body's face, it's lips where pulled upward at the corners. She tilted her head to the other side while staring at the face. As she continued to stare at the body, it's hand came up to her face holding another piece of white in it. Her eyes quickly darted to the piece of white. "It's a towel. You'll have to clean off that blood before you put your clothes on." The body began to use the towel to clean her face and moved down her body. She looked at the body's face and opened her mouth. "Charles." The word came out of her slowly and carefully. The body's eyes looked up at her and stopped cleaning for a momment before starting again and the corners of it's lips lifted up again. "Yes, that's my name." She continued to stare at the body's face. "Name. It's what people use to call each other. Mine is Charles." "Charles." She repeated the name again, more quickly then the last time. Charles looked back at her body, pulling her off of the table slowly so that he could wipe off more of the red liquid from her boby. As her feet hit the ground all the way she stumbled to keep her balance and nearly hit the ground, but Charles' arm came to catch her. "I forgot you don't know how to walk yet." He lowered her into his lap and finished wiping her off. Once the red liquid was gone from her boby, Charles tried to get her into a standing position again. She wabbled around at first, but was standing on her own feet in no time. Charles quickly took the clothes that she was still holding from her. She looked at him curiously as he lifted one of her legs and slid it into the white clothing. Once she had one leg in, he did the same thing with the other. Once that was finished he pulled the clothing up her body and put her arms through the sleeveless top. She looked at herself by twisting her legs and her body to look at it. Charles moved quickly to the doorway, putting the stick with smoke coming from it in his mouth. "C'mon, it's time to leave." She blinked at him a couple of times before taking slow, wabbling steps toward him. As she moved closer and closer to Charles, she looked around at the ground to look at the piles of robes, but as she got closer to them, they began to change from piles of robes to people in robes that were covered in red liquid. Diva stopped to look at the still bodies in the puddles of red liquid when Charles called out to her again. "I'll tell you anything you're curious about, but we have to go first." She wiped her face up so that her eyes met his and began walking toward him again and stepped into the bright light of the doorway. Diva quickly brought her hand up to cover her eyes from the light. She didn't like the light. Charles took Diva's elbow and led her to some silver thing with small doors. He opened one door and pulled Diva into a soft chair and then pulled a strap over her chest tightly. As he shut the door she watched him wall around the side another door and he did the same thing to himself as he did for her, only his seat had a round thing infront of it. Diva reached her hand out to touch the round thing. "It's called a wheel and this is a car." She looked up at Charles as he spoke. He also had his hand on the wheel. "Wheel." "Car." She spoke slowly. "Don't worry. I'll teach you what you need to know before sending you off." Diva tilted her head to the side and the car roared, then moved. As the car kept moving, Charles kept talking and teaching her about the things around them and the things that she couldn't see, but was told existed. As the neared a big building with lots of lights on it, it was already nighttime. Diva unbuckled her seatbelt as the car came to a stop and jumped out of the passanger seat and tripped over the curve and hit the ground face down. Charles rushed to her, picking her up quickly and carefully. "Are you alright?" Diva smiled up at him. "Yes, I'm alright." Charles smiled back. "I think you're too excited." She nodded to agree with him and pulled herself to her feet, trotting off to the front doors of the building. She pushed her way through the doors and looked at the shinney main room. Charles was close behind her and led her to an elevator. She quickly jumped into it when the doors opened and pushed each button. Charles laughed and pulled her out into another elevator, holding her so that only one button was pushed. She giggled and watched the numbers light up at the top, then the doors opened and Azumi ran out into the empty hallway. Charles walked down the hallway to a door and opened it. "C'mon. We're over here." Diva looks over at him and trots over to the room walking through the doorway. The room was big, very big. Diva jumped onto the couch and layed there, smiling then a thought came to her and she sat up in a sitting position looking at Charles as he shut the door. "I want one." He looked at her, latching the last lock on the door. "Want one, what?" "I want a name." He made his way to the kitchen and got a drink from the fridge. "All in good time. Just be patient." Diva puffed up her cheeks, frustrated and rolled off the couch, making her way to the kitchen and slammed her hands on the counter. "I want one now!" Charles laughed at her. "Calm down. I think you're turning into a little diva." She blinked a couple of times. "Diva?" Charles nodded. "Yes, diva. You're acting like a diva." She smiled and giggled. "I want that!" Charles stared at her with confused eyes. "Huh?" "I want to be Diva! I like that name!" He looked at her for a long time and smiled. "Alright. Diva it is then." As they both smiled at her new found name and then Charles went serious. He began to explain things to Diva. About what she was, who she was and why she had come to be. It took Diva a few weeks to absorb it all and understand Charles. She was summoned from Odin into the stomach of a human woman by a high powered cult, but her birth was too much for the human and she was killed during it. Once she understood all of that, Charles began training her to control her unknown abilities along with teaching her things that humans took as myths. After five years, Diva was completely capable of taking care of herself and once Charles saw this he began working on something in the spare room on the apartment. Diva was curious as to what it was, but never asked since she thought he wouldn't answer. Two weeks went by and Diva finally decided to investigate this secret operation that Charles was working on. Once he left the apartment, she slipped into the spare room to take a quick look at what he was doing in there. Diva didn't need to turn on the light to see what was in the room. The walls, floor and ceiling were completely covered in symbols written in dark red paint. Diva walked to the center of the floor to get a better look at everything, but once her feet were placed in the center, the mark on her forehead began to glow a bright red and as she reached up to touch it the symbols around her began to do the same thing and then swirl together. Before she could run for the door, the floor below her disappeared and sent to falling into nothingness. As she fell there was something coming toward her. It looked much like a crow, but it was completely made of smoke. It flew right through her body, comsuming her in the black smoke of it's body. Her eyes shut and she collapsed. When she opened her eyes again, she was lying on her side, her own hair becoming a blanket on her body. The ground beneath her was hard like stone and cold like ice. She stood up slowly taking in her surroundings. The place she was in was completely different from the one she had just come from, but after looking at it for awhile she realized that it looked alot like the describtion Charles had given her of Odin. She was back in Odin. She shook her head slowly from side to side with her eyes wide. She didn't want to be back in this place. She was terrified...

RP Sample: Diva walks toward the hills, her bare feet rubbing softly against the dew covered grass. She inhales softly as she comes to a stop at the top of the hill and breathes out slowly. The air is so fresh. She thinks to herself. "I wonder... what it would be like to sore through air like this." As she speaks these words her arms extend out to her sides, spreading her fingers out to touch it.
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PostSubject: Re: Diva, No-last-name   Sun May 23, 2010 9:08 am

Hi, I will be reviewing your application, Diva.

For the wing incantation, please make sure that you use a sentence that is according to your power, not just a word.

For your history, it must be according to our storyline and such, it must exhibit your death as a human, your encounter with Fate, your answer and you becoming a demon, and if your age is high a little bit about your days as a demon.

Your power seems fine, but don't you think its a little nerfed? You should increase its capabilities somehow, though it might just be me.

Please also state if this is a demon or an angel application.

Thank You!
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PostSubject: Re: Diva, No-last-name   Tue May 25, 2010 6:43 pm

I think she's a Demon, due to the lack of "Supremo:" and it says she is in Odin in her History.
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PostSubject: Re: Diva, No-last-name   

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Diva, No-last-name
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