An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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 Kazu [Demon]

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PostSubject: Kazu [Demon]   Fri May 21, 2010 10:39 pm

Name: Kazu
Alignment: Evil (demons)
Nickname: None
Age: 1233

Appearance: See avi
Wing Appearance: See avi

Weapon Name: Itazura

Weapon Appearance:

Weapon True Form: Weapon transforms into a sphere of energy, Kazu then gains the ability to very strongly control fire.

Wing Incantation: "Slash through the enemy's bone and turn their blood to dust"

Wing Abilities: The feather's of kazu's wings slowly fall off, when they do they become active bombs. The feathers are sensitive to touch, but can also be triggerd by kazu simply clicking his teeth together. Kazu's wing's also give him "vectors"(nearly transparent arm's with no set length and attatched to the back), these can number from 2 to 8 and will automatically adjust to Kazu's position.

Personality: Kazu is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way.His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easy surprised or caught off-guard. Kazu is also highly perceptive, cunning, and tactical.

History: Kazu had been born into a royal family, he spent his life studying and mastering swordsmanship. His mother and father had thought him to be a prodigy, Kazu did'nt care much for this at all. At the age of 13 he was sent away and hired to be a bodygaurd of the land's emperor, which he did for 10 years, until he grew tired of gaurding him and killed him in his sleep. After that he left the palace and started a normal life in Kagamino city, just east of Karakura town, he opend up a dojo to teach kendo, and raised a family.

At the age of 35, he had finally finished his life plans and was now watching them come together, one night he was walking home from his dojo and saw his house was on fire, it was already being put out by neighbors, and firemen. He ran up to a fireman and asked,"What happend!?", the firemen just shook his head sadly and continued to put out the fire. Kazu ran into the burning house, screaming for his wife and kids, but all he found were they're huddled up, scorched bodies, Kazu fell to the ground in agony and began to scream, but no one could hear him. The combined sounds of the fire roaring, the powerful water hitting the walls, and the building collapsing drounded out his voice, he crawled over to his family, watching the building collapse in front of him, he closed his eyes and accepted his fate.

Kazu's eyes were closed...he saw the darkness of his eye's slowly lighting up, he cautiously opend his eye's, confused he saw nothing but white and it was getting brighter. At first he thought he was staring at the flames, but he was slowly beggining to realize, he was dead, he looked around him, still saw nothing but white, except for behind him, a spot of darkness lurked there, seeming like it would take a life time to get there. Soon, he emrged from the white abyss, emerged in front of people, one man glared down at him, "Hello my child...welcome to my realm, I understand you must be confused, but time is of the essence, so I ask you this, Do you believe in have 2 hours to think about it, choose wisely". Kazu shook his head, bewilderd at what was happening to him, perhaps he was dreaming, for a second he actually believed that, the firemen had rescued him and his family, and everything was going to be fine, so he went along with it, "Of course I believe in fate...those who do not, are fools", that was the moment that he realized that he was in fact, not, dreaming. His body was instantly consumed in darkness, his vision completely shut off, the only thing he heard was the faint chuckle of the man that was talking to him just before, he rushed back through the light and into the darkness.

Kazu awoke several hours later and looked around, he was in hell, or "Odin" as he later learned to call it, he looked around, at the people there, they looked normal....and he felt different somehow, almost stronger. He walked around for a few hours, before finding a place that he could rest for the night. Days turned into weeks, each day he learned a new power and with those powers he began to train, by the time 3 weeks passed by he lost all human charcteristics besides basic emotion, but even that was drastically reduced, he did'nt even sleep, eat or drink anymore, at least not as much as human, only when he felt like it. Soon hundreds years had passed by, he had became friends with his fellow demons, but also enemies with alot of them, and he was on the way to mastering all of his powers and being able to fight the angles.

RP Sample: A senkaimon opend up in in the sky as Kazu fell straight down out of it,he was unconsciounsly drifting down towards the battle field,he began to wake up as he saw people fighting and yelling at each other.Two people seemed to be the center of attention this guy with his hands in his pockets and another one that had a unique hairstyle.Kazu landed in front of the guy with his hands in his pockets and finally recognized him as Zeek the other was Aizen Sosuke,thanks to him being briefed by the mysterious man the gave him a senkaimon to this place,he was ready to fight.

"Well now,I wonder which one is this bad guy here,Zeek or Aizen",he turned to some of the shinigami as if he was expecting an awnser from one of them.Then he turned back to Zeek and smirked,"I have a good feeling about you,I hope this will be a good fight and lets not have any interuptions I wouldnt want anyone else to get hurt if I accidentaly attack them instead of you,he said with an evil grin.Kazu drew his Naginata's and swung one towards his head and thrusted the other towards hs heart.

Mikaru listened intently at Aizen's words. "It looks like I wont be able to stay long after all. It would have been fun...tearing you all apart." he said with a sad tone, though he ment it. Deep down, he wanted them all dead for being weak. Mikaru noticed the new comer and grinned at his words. "I'm not Zeek anymore. I'm Mikaru. Hahahahahaa!!" he said throwing his head back and laughing. He heard Kazu talk about how he didn't want anyone else to get in the way of his attacks, and that gave Mikaru his next move. With incredibal speed, Mikaru ripped through the air evading Kazu's attack and flying toward Ichigo. He twisted in the air, landing a single kick into his gut. Blood and saliva shot from his mouth instantly as Ichigo went tumbling down toward the nearest bomb...which was about 2-3 miles away. "One down."

Mikaru then kicked off the air using his spirit energy, he did a curve and shot toward his next target. Shinji Hirako. Mikaru arrived in seconds, landing a single punch in his gut that shot spirit energy from his backside, cracking the ground. Mikaru pushed harder until his fist went inside of Shinji, shattering his spine and leaving him dead upon doing so. "Thats two." he said already launching toward his next target. Kenpachi Zaraki. Once again, he arrived in seconds. Pulling his sword from it's sheath, Mikaru cleaved off Kenpachi's arm in a single swing. He then leaped up, twisted in the air, and slammed his foot across Kenpachi's jaw, breaking it. Kenpachi went flying toward Inoue, who was healing Kisuke. Mikaru kicked him hard enough so that if he hit Inoue, she would be killed or very badly injured. Once finished, Mikaru shunpod back infront of Kazu, a grin across his face.

"There, now they can't get in our way. Still wish to fight me?" he asked shoving his hands back in his pockets and raising his spirit energy high enough to cause a static like fealing, a numbing...cold...deady fealing. "I think you should tend to your comrads, and focus on getting stronger. It would be boring if we beat you guys so easily, right?" he said throwing his head back again and laughing. "What will it be....Vizard." he said revealing Kazu's identity. It wasn't hard for him, he was trained to know the diffrence in reiatsu, and by showing that, he showed just a little more of what he can do. "Be warned. If you fight me, I wont be as easy on you as I was with those other three, understand?" he asked awaiting Kazu's response.

Kazu's head went down and stayed like that for several seconds then his body starting moving a little bit,his head raised up slowly and then it jerked up towards the air.Kazu began laughing insanely and fell over,still floating in the air,his eyes began flashing yellow,his inner hollow had woken up from witnessing that,exactly what he wanted.Even though he didnt have his mask on yet,his Inner hollow was so excited that his eyes had become black and yellow.

"You fucking dumbass!!,you think I care if people get hurt,I just want the fight of my life,to's the best high there is!!",Kazu said laughing.He then jumped up and took a deep breath,his eyes changed back to normal,then he matched Mikaru's rieatsu and smirked,"I seriously hope this is'nt even a fraction of your power cuz if it's more than haven't been training very hard",he said with a smirk."Now then lets begin....",,Kazu shunpo'd above Mikaru and turned upside down,then sent one of his Naginata's to Mikaru's third vertebra and the other Naginata blade was sideways,and heading to the center of Mikaru's stomach.

Mikaru grinned. "Good." was all he said as he manuvered his head away from his first attack, it barely skimming his hair. His body was now vertical, allowing the second blade to sail underneith him. His leg was in position, and seconds from connecting with Kazu's face. "Didn't catch your name kid." he said with an excited, bloodthirsty look on his face. Mikaru closed his eyes for a plit second. "This has to be it, this has to be the fight. The one thing I need...the one thing to save me...I cannot lose this battle!" he screamed in his head. He rose his spirit energy, focusing it into his skin, hardening it. "Yes! Just what I needed!" he screamed in thought again. "This kicked will be stronger than he thinks."
Kazu laughed as he turned sideways and let the kick pass by,but what he didnt think of was spiritual pressure,as Mikaru kicked rieatsu was released and it blew Kazu back from Mikaru.That was a nice move,however it pissed me off and I will tell you my name when you are dieing with my blade in your throat and you choking on your own blood!".Kazu then shunpo'd past him as a small but deep cut appeared on Mikaru's arm,Kazu looked back and licked the blood of his blade.

Mikaru grinned, letting a shadow fall across his face. "You were able to cut me. And by doing so, you actually think you have a chance of winning..." he said with laughter. He slowly began turning around, the shadow slowly moving from his face as he so. When completly turned around, Mikaru's face showed wide, insane eyes. "Can I prove your wrong? Huh!? Can I!?" he said starting to quickly walk toward him, each step sending ripples of spirit energy. "You see, it wouldn't matter if you could hit me with a hundred more of those, or a thousand! I'll still crush you!" he shouted angrily as he leaped toward him. He got seconds away, then vanished.

He was now behind Mikaru's right side, aiming another kick for the side of his kneecap in an attempt to break it. He knew that spot was extremly difficult to block, and decided to expose the aspect of it. Mikaru was now angry, which was not a good thing. He felt that Kazu was looking down on him, the one thing that ticks his insanity. "I'll crush you, rip you apart...and prove that you cannot beat me!" he shouted at him getting more and more pumped by doing so.

Kazu jumped up and became inverted,completely avoiding the kick,then he drew the Naginata furthest from Mikaru back and focused some rieatsu into the tip of it,then thrusted it down with intense speed and accuracy."If this even touches'll completely blow his leg off,he thought.

Mikaru once again manuvered around the blade, but wasn't quick enough. The attack sliced open a gash in his chest causing a slow paced blood flow. Mikaru winced and appeared on the flat end of Kazu's blade, doing a backflip. He shunpod in mid flip and appeared around 30 yards away. "You asked for me if I was at 1%. You were right, time to show you 2%." he said with a look of sadness. He slowly pulled out his katana for the first time during the battle. He leaped forward, his spirit energy sky rocketing. He rushed forward, and seconds later, blood went flying everywhere. Mikaru had stabbed his sword into Kazu body and glanced back at the wound Kazu had given him. He looked back Kazu, leaning in close on his ear. "Never wound, what you can't kill." he said loud enough for only Kazu to hear. The next second, he ripped his sword out the right side of his body causing more blood to spill like a water fall.

Kazu smiled but also tears ran down his face,he grabbed a hold of Mikaru's neck and pushed him away slowly,then he glared at him,closed his eyes and kicked Mikaru down into a building with intense speed.Then Kazu coughed out some blood and fell out of the air,slowly drifting down to the streets of seiretei,he hit the ground with a thud and landed in front of squad 4 barracks,he stared up at the sky,knowing he was going to die.

OOC: The auto-hits done here were planned out, done with permission, and done purely for storyline.

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PostSubject: Re: Kazu [Demon]   Fri May 21, 2010 11:21 pm

Hi, I will be reviewing your application, Kazu.

All is well now.

Character Approved

Be ready to edit your powers any time as you RP. It holds true for everyone including me. Have fun!
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Kazu [Demon]
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