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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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 Icarus, the Mind Angel

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PostSubject: Icarus, the Mind Angel   Sun May 23, 2010 1:21 am

Name: Icarus
Alignment: Neutral
Supremo: N/A
Nickname: Supreme of the Supremo
Age: 3056


Wing Appearance:

Weapon Name: Sleipnir

Weapon Appearance:
Weapon True Form:

Sleipnir on its normal appearance exist as a normal Japanese Katana. Icarus is actually proficient in swordplay, and he prefers to use his sword more than his weapon's true form. Though, as weird as it is, his true form is actually the enchanted shoes called "Sleipnir".

It exists as Sleipnir only on its true form, and it actually grants Icarus a two-step ability for increasing his speed, literally two steps. Between a one post interval, Sleipnir gives Icarus the power to move at an instantaneous speed for both his feet, thus the so called two-step speed ability. The first and second steps are actually not sewn together, which means that he may use only one step for now, and do the other later, but it must be for a different foot for each step.

This is very useful for setting up attacks and dodging as well as closing distances and traveling.

Sleipnir is the ancient-enchanted weapon that originated from Valhalla. Icarus discovered the said shoes on the Lake of God on its very depths. According to history, it even allows an angel flight even for a weak angel.

Wing Incantation: "For the mind and body flows with creation."

Wing Abilities: His wing abilities are said to be one of the most diverse and most powerful of Light magic, allowing Icarus to use his mind to increase the effectiveness of bodily functions such as strengthening his bones and muscles, give out hypnotic suggestions and predict danger through the waves the thoughts of the mind give out, and affecting the environment through his thoughts enabling him to create effects such as super-compressing the air to create a nearly invisible solid material that is equally indestructible.

This kind of power is dubbed by some as "Psychic" but Icarus calls it "Isip" (Isip roughly meaning thoughts). Although it does some pretty powerful effects, even for an Angel, there are also dangerous side-effects that must be taken into notice. For one, when used too much simultaneously it puts a tremendous strain on Icarus' mind, requiring lots of training for him to use his Isip for long periods of time consecutively and for different purposes without wrecking his mind, and in turn incapacitate him.

Another side-effect of using Isip after use, no matter how trivial, once his brain feels that there is not much importance for it to function, it will experience a mild mental fatigue, making Icarus' body feel tired for a short time and not allowing him to think straight. Though, trivial use of Isip such as opening doors and such does not even affect him the slightest.

Icarus has trained himself to sustain the periodical use of Isip for extended periods of time, an equivalent of 60 posts before his brain experiences severe mental fatigue and affecting his mind further. During these 60 posts, he may use two sub-abilities but only from the same group.

Rise:: This allows Icarus to increase his bodily functions and effects, such as faster recovery of the body from strain, wounds and such and increased speed or reaction time. Rise techniques last for about 3 posts, but does not have a cooldown. Once one Rise Technique ends, he may use another rise technique. Icarus may only use one rise technique per post, as opposed to other sub-abilities and other than that, he must wait 3 posts before he may actually use rise again albeit, waiting for his already active rise to wear off.

- Essentially a long-time heal technique, or an instantaneous rejuvenation that when used on wounds and major damage such as sword cuts, will heal considerably faster, and when used on a body that is tired allows him to rejuvenate his body and make him feel a hundred percent ready again. This is the only Rise technique that lasts only a post, but may not be used for 3 posts after.

- Strengthens Icarus' muscle and bones to sustain force or for hand-to-hand combat firepower, as well as increasing his speed and restraining his muscles from overworking, allowing him to use strength far superior than that of an angel, although, once his muscles and bones return to normal he will experience some form of muscle fatigue, but can be countered by using his Rise to rejuvenate his body. Build-up may also be used on specific muscles and parts, such as legs for increased movement speed, etc.

Punishment Shield
- One of his most useful rise, allowing his body to receive punishment from different attacks with such resilience at the cost of numbness of the body, essentially making sword attacks bladeless, punches powerless and gunfire pointless. With this kind of bodily numbness, he cannot move his body as proficiently for 3 posts, and must rejuvenate before his body would return to its normal state, which by that consecutive use of two powerful Rise abilities, has a potential for a sudden mental breakdown.

Trance:: Icarus' exclusive mind-to-mind ability, making him capable of creating illusions, traveling through anyones memory, and telepathy. Trance usually involves the mind, and has the most strain on Icarus' mind due to its nature, but can be dubbed as one of the most useful of his abilities. Trance works only with beings in a 30 meter diameter of Icarus' with the distance meaning nothing but distance. Although, for his telepathy, it can reach ranges for up to 5 miles but places Icarus' mind on an unfocused state, opening him up for attacks. The farther his telepathic reach, the more unfocused his mind becomes and even has the potential to stop autonomous functions such as heart beat.

Mind Freeze, Capitalize
- Overwhelms an opponents mind with Icarus' Isip waves that clouds up any thinking space the opponent may have, and causes him to have a slight mental breakdown, incapacitating his body for any movement or reaction. This also creates a tremendous strain on Icarus' brain when used for too long on just one opponent, or consecutively with a short time period for each. This last as long as Icarus would like to hold it.

Mind Jack, Memory Lane
- Let's Icarus enter the brain of anyone, allowing him to process in his own brain events or memories that were experienced or processed by his target. This doesn't strain Icarus' that much, although it requires him to touch his opponents head or spine area.

Mind Freeze, Insanity Seize
- Creates an illusion triggered by a program event according to Icarus' preferences. It allows him to create an illusion for anyone nearby or witnessing that particular trigger, incapacitating their body while their mind processes the fake events instead of the real ones. If the trigger does not happen, the effect will not be able to be of any use. The trigger must be done within 3 posts, and the illusion if it happens will be there for 1 post. If the program does not trigger, it places Icarus' on an extreme state of unfocused mental state.

Mind Jack, Receiver
- Icarus' can hear the thoughts of any target within the said range. This allows him to predict attacks before they even happen, and for other useful things. A side-effect of Mind Jack is that if the target person thinks too much, or if there are too many target, Icarus' brain will not be able to process it, and immediately exits Receiver with Icarus' brain on a temporary sleep. When Icarus' gets placed on this state, his eyes seems blurry.

Mind Connect, Telepathy
- Allows Icarus' to mentally talk with anyone on a 5-mile distance, but places Icarus on an unfocused state open for any attack.

Burst:: Icarus' most used abilities and has the lesser strain on his mind is called Burst. Icarus has stated that there are lots of possibility that may be used on the environment, but he only uses two forms of burst. The first is Material, which allows him to create an invisible material out of super-compressed air which is almost unbreakable, and Sun only usable on broad daylight that allows him to utilize the power of the Sun and Sunlight.

Material grants Icarus the ability to create a nearly invisible, yet solid and strong material by Super-Compressing the air. This allows him to create defenses, act as lifting materials, traps, and increasing attacking power, and creating a sharp super-compressed air material akin to a sword, taking shape of a Katana which may be created almost anywhere he chooses.

Material Basic
- Allows Icarus to use the Material's basic ability of creating super-compressed air to act as lifting materials or for enveloping his body in it for defense and increase of attacking power. A Material Basic lasts for only a post.

Barrier, Material High
- Creates an almost indestructible barrier that shapes itself as any shape Icarus wills it. If it takes too much force that it can take in a hit, the barrier will break. The barrier lasts as long as Icarus' wills it or until it is destroyed, but no attacks may exit or enter the barrier.

Swordplay, Material High
- Creates a super-compressed air anywhere Icarus' decides that is within his vicinity that shapes as a sharp blade. The difference to its other counterpart Material is that it is much more visible with a yellow outline and fill color. If he creates it on his hands, it takes the form of a Katana. This kind of material high lasts as long as it doesn't break or as long as Icarus' wills it.

Falldown, Material High
- Creates a Material above the ground with a good height, and with a large mass and surface then drops it to the ground at will. This creates a collateral damage that is proportional to the height and the actual surface and mass of the Material that was made. This may also be used on Blades, with the actual damage from the Blade's themselves.

Death Cage. Material Supreme
- Creates a cage of Material that is targeted at specific areas and envelopes that area with a shell of a Material similar to Barrier, but with the aim to trap the opponent with an added offense effect, to automatically create Material Blades inside the cage that will fall down in high numbers. Once all blades have hit the ground, the Cage will disperse. This happens in only one posts, and fatigues Icarus to some extent.

Sun lets Icarus' control the power of Sun and Sunlight as it radiates through the area. He has stated though, that as long the any stars light reaches the area, he will be able to use Sun Burst, albeit weaker, he has never been showed to do so, and thus Sun Burst is only usable on Broad Daylight. It allows him for two abilities only, Sunburst, and the more concentrated Sunfall.

- Icarus utilizes the Sunlight that have reached Earth, and in a sudden moment, create an explosion out of it in a specific area as long as there is Sunlight. The burst must be directed by his hands along with his mind, pointing where the burst should happen. He may use this once per post.

- Icarus' most destructive, powerful and deadly ability. He uses this on anyone who is incapacitated or in a surprise situation that allows Icarus to do it. Distorting the space in the atmosphere above the target in a certain circumference, he directs most of Sun's energy through that one part, and then releasing that energy in that circumference downwards vertically, creating a pillar of superheated light from the Sun's energy, crisping, burning, incinerating, or blowing anyone on the target to bits. Though it is possible to survive, it takes a long amount of time for anyone to recover from that attack. He needs a one post preparation time to distort the space, and then land the attack on the second post. This tires Icarus to the point that he may not use any Isip until he gets at least two weeks of recuperating time, most of which he is asleep.

Other than his Isip ability, his experience and longevity as an Angel has granted him the ability to take flight as long as he has his wings materialized.

Personality: Icarus is a very light-hearted individual that is equally pacifistic and merciless. Though he does not like fighting, when it comes to it, he is merciless throughout that battle, but he never takes anything seriously, not even life-or-death situations and it actually caps his power by thirty percent of his overall capabilities. Rarely taking anything important seriously, it is his most flawed aspect of his personality.

Icarus battle is tactical and uses brainstorming to complement his Isip abilities which are based on the mind. He is a keen observer and uses this to create a battle situation for himself or create a tactic based on the actual situation, environment and other factors involved.

Icarus always exhibits a small faded smile on his lips and his eyes seems to be focused at anything it is looking at. He loves relaxing and eating, though it is not necessary, as well as sleeping. He dislikes those who get in his way or sticks their nose into his business, and those who criticize him not acting seriously on matters which require his input.

History: Icarus' human life was a busy life indeed. He had lots to do as from the age of four, he was destined to take over the Family Business. Even though he was a kid, he understood lots of things and took them seriously. He studied hard and did more than the family expected, showing his skills at a tender age. The Family was happy they had Icarus to take over the business.

Over the course of 13 years of study, Icarus finally graduated college. He was graduated as Valedictorian and he was now a Computer Engineer. His family's business was all about computers, and he loved computers as much as they did, so he thought that by becoming someone that does computers for a living, it would help a lot in him running the business. A year later, his father retired and he was officially the new CEO of the company.

Icarus grew to be a workaholic, but he managed to improve the Company to the point that rival companies are becoming bankrupt, but this would also prove to be his downfall. On July 7th, in an unknown year, he was shot to death by a hitman. He received three bullet shots, two to his head and one to his neck, but the first one killed him instantly. All the hardwork he did, was now destroyed, as well as his life. The company had no choice but to sell itself to another company, and the family lost money due to debts.

Becoming an Angel

Icarus woke up to a bright white light, and found himself being asked a simple question on the spot. "Do you believe in Fate? We will give you..." Icarus smiled and then got his face to meet his eyes head on with the light, and then he shouted, "Fuck Fate! He was the one responsible for all of this! I don't believe in Fate! He's nothing but a fucking fraud!" Icarus was then immediately put to sleep by an unknown force, and while asleep he heard a voice in his head. "You will become my greatest enemy..."

When he came to, he woke up in the Lake of God and saw a Katana. He couldn't stand up, he felt that his brain was being ripped opened and was being fried to crisp. He felt the need to get the Katana, and he tried to reach for it. To his surprise, the Katana itself flew straight into his hand when he tried to imagine it that way. But still, it didn't distract him enough to ease the pain in his head. He thought that if his body could just keep up and gain enough strength, his brain could go and be alright. On that moment, he realized that the pain was gone, instantly, and that he regained strength, and he felt more powerful than before.

Realizing that this is his power, he became aware of what he'd became, and then said to himself, "Yes, I will be your greatest enemy..." Smiling, he slowly walked away from the Lake of God, carrying his Katana with him.

He didn't go to the Angelic Opposition as most angels would, and instead he went farther into the Valhallan Forests, where he trained relentlessly for two thousand years, trying to make his body and brain adopt to the power he had, and he branded it with the name "Isip".

After his training, he traveled along the Valhallan grounds, looking for allies but unfortunately, no one was strong enough to keep up with him. Even the Supremos stated that his power was beyond theirs, and thus he was given the nickname "Supreme of the Supremo".

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus, the Mind Angel   Mon May 24, 2010 12:34 am

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Icarus, the Mind Angel
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