An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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PostSubject: Kitaro Eleven December   Mon May 24, 2010 1:11 pm

Name: Kitaro Eleven December
Alignment: Demon
Nickname: Death
Age: 2000


Pants and Shirt: Kaze wears a dark grey shirt above a white T shirt. The reason he wears the T shirt is to really throw that he is the white triangle into the mix. Only the V shows above his grey shirt and this is right above the white triangle he keeps on his body. It is another mark of his ex status as a feared force. His pants are black just as his top appearance was going to be before. However with a change of heart after the war he made only his pants black. Kaze is still feared to those who know his name and knew who he was before the war ended and his race was shamed with defeat so he accepts that look.

Face and Hair: Kaze has dark black hair that can be seen sometimes hanging below his hat in small triangluar strands. His face is only able to be seen in generalities however under the oranage glasses that he wears constantly and even to bed he has a very deeply black eyes partially due to the sunglasses but his eyes were black to begin with even in his human life. He just has 2 giant black dots for eyes. He see's in a very particular way because of this however it translates the same as normal vision. He sometimes in the heat of combat if he is suprised will move his somewhat small nose down a small bit by an adjustment of his skin to reveal one eye to look at you so you can know that he is taking you seriously. His har under his hat is a matted mess of black hair that spirals around wildly and is at the will of whatever he is doing at the moment.

Torso: On his Torso a hollow hole. Right where his heart should be. It is a whole in his heart so if he would ever be stabbed directly in the heart it would go directly through unless the blade was wider than his actual hollow hole. possible. His torso is covered in the scars of combat and training under the demonic ranking system before he was there and fate hating him and giving him the worst luck possible. The major scars on his body is a striaght slash that goes from right above his heart hollow hole directly down to where his stomach begins and then juts across straight to his other side and then down to his hip. He calls this his jigsaw piece because of its meaning when he got this scar. His other major scar is on his back that goes from his neck down to his asshole literally. It has quite a long story behind it that he always had the option of healing but he never did so he would remember his life before he was a demon so he would never lose his humanity and nature of the normal man.

Lower Body: His Lower legs are marked with scars as well but in a different way. His lower legs are covered with small scars and cuts however they are always covered by his black pants and his red suit as well so no one really see's them. His main scars here on his legs are a scar starting at the bottom of his foot and working its way up to about his calf muscle. He had the option of healing this as well but he did not. This is on both of his legs. His other lower body scar is on the back of his knees which like his other scars he kept from being healed for the memories it is a staight line across the backs of his knee's where he was very badly ripped and at the time had his lower half of his legs cut off from his body.

Or look at avatar/sig

Wing Appearance:

Small wings, have a purple firey appearance, yet they are incredibly small, they are contined within his clothing.

Weapon Name: Jushiro - White Death

Weapon Appearance: A simple sword, that is completely consumed in white flames, along with two gloves, that exbit same characteristics.

Weapon True Form:

The sword evolves, if you will, into a much larger katana, the gloves have vents on the sides of them and all weapons attain black skulls that have bellowing red eyes. They are burning with intense flames. These gloves and sword cannot be destroyed, no matter what. They are sturdy enough to withstand any form of attack and be even able to redirect it, should he have the strength.

Wing Incantation: Decree

Wing Abilities:

White Flames: Simple, yet the true nostaligic ability lies within.

- All flames that are not in control by another member, switches it's affilation and does Kitaro's bidding.

- These flames cannot be put out with normal means, water, ice and conventional means have no effect. Well they can be put out but it would take a tremendous amount of effort.

- These flames have an unnatural tendancy to stick to a material and completely incinerate the item till it is no more.

-Any healing effects used on regions that the flames have burnt causes the flames to reappear on the region and continue to consume, nullifying the effects at the same time.

- Burn from 500 - 5000 degrees celcius; considering water boils at 100 degrees, if you stick your hand in it, what happens? Now imagine this burning you. Also they burn through metal with ease.

- Upon instant release, he emits a blinding flash, so bright, it stretches for a good mile. Anyone whom witnesses this flash of light will go blind for the rest of the thread. Closing of the eyes, or shielding the eyes does not prevent the effects. Only if hidden behind a thick opaque material, like a massive house or something. Car's and such trivial items do no count. The other senses, i.e. scent, taste, hearing or any other 6 sense do not have their powers increased.

- Flames can consume his body and in short he can teleport from one exposed flames to another with ease. He can also leave imparing effects with each teleportation, i.e. blindess, movement of body loss, he can remove all effects every 5 posts.

All the time the flames surround him in a 25m radius and can explode with power equivelent to 25 pounds of c4.


Sway: A simple slash which consumes a region of 75 metres in a 180 degree frontal cone of himself. He can use this with his sword or gloves.

Use: 5 Cool down: 3

Hell's hole: A circular firey tornado appears instantly around enemy and Kitaro, trapping them inside. the tornado has a 25m radius. Anyone attempting to leave will be incinerated, causing the flame tornado to collapse onto the enemy and explode for a power equal to that of 150 pounds of c4.

use: 1 cooldown: 3

Gift: Any exposed flames can produce jets of flames, that move at 450mph for first post before returning to conventional speed.

duration: 2 posts cool down: 2

Clones: By stabbing his sword into the ground 3 times, he leaves 3 little seeds, these seeds then explode into a firey coloumn 50m radius that is burning at 12,000 degrees and condenses, or hardnes, into solid figures that resemble Kitaro. They all have swords and can ONLY be killed by the swing of a sword, which must be held in the hand. If they are killed in this manner, they explode into the same coloumn of flames and then after 3 more posts, they take forms of gigantic fire dragons, which must be killed in the same way. He can stab them into ground, material, air, body parts, where a little firey seed is, it cannot be removed or moved. It stays in fixed poisition and is roughly 2m in size.

Charge up for seeds: 3 posts | duration: till they die | Cool down: 5

Flames of Hell: Collosal flames occur from the ground, coating a 100m radius and trapping everyone within there. They then explode vaporizing everything within that 100m. Middle is the weakest point of the explosion. Explosion is roughly 200 pounds of c4.

use: 1 cool down: 5

One with Flames: Kitaro, at any given point, can disperse into flames, rendering him immune to all effects and attacks, though he cannot attack while in this state.

Use: 1 Cooldown: 10

Hell's rebirth: With any of his weapon items, he can causing flames to explode in a 25m radius then explode again for an extra 25m radius, resulting in a gigantic flame explosion within a 50m radius. Caught within it, is not recommended as the power of these explosions are that of 300 pounds of c4.

Use: 1 per item cool down: 5

Obsalete: He warps flames into his items, collecting more and more flames into them. There he can release them at any point, burning at 12,000 degrees. Flames shoot for 50m in every direction.

Charge up time: 2 posts cool down: 4

Mighty Steed: A firey dragon forms around Kitaro, with kitaro in the middle. The dragon can issue robust flames and ash clouds alike, these flames and ash clouds move at 450mph. It can also condense flames in it's mouth and fire a "pulse" of fire that moves at double the speed normal flames and cause a 75m radius firey explosion. While this dragon coat's Kitaro, he is unable to be harmed.

Duration: 10 posts Cool down: 12

Kitaro cannot be harmed by his own abilities.

Demonic powers

Holy Sprite: If he drinks the blood of an angel, he can quickly return any lost organ or limb or any other dangerous wounds.

Void: He has an unsual ability to move between world's, he can travel from hell to the glistening palaces of the Angels or even the rotten Humanoid world itself.

Explosive speed: Using his inhumane strength and untangible mind, he can rapidly move at astonishing rates. So to speak, he can -literally- move faster than you can blink. He can perform this repeatedly without worry of tiring.

Compass: Within a mile radius he is able to pinpoint the EXACT location of every spiritual being. This being said, it's a rather advance version, he can use his mind to create images, if you will, from the "holyness" or "darkness" from creatures, much like sonar but 3-D. Similar to what daredevil or bat's do.


Personality: Kaze is in multiple states of personality and often they overlap at points and often do multiple things involving the personalities at once. He rarely fits exactly into the personality categories that is defined however they overlap and the points of all of them or the personality star as you will. Kaze is always between the points as every bit of the star is usually between the points. A final analogy to sum this personality up is if there was a dart board and the specific types were all over it the ends would be the points and everything in between would be the mixes of the points. The chances of you hitting the edges are slim and usually Kaze will be somewhere in limbo in between these "points."

Master Kitaro: As he is immortal in the sense of life span and thinks of himself as almost invincible, Kaze is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly terrible wounds before retaking himself to the dominant force of the battle and obliterating his enemy. One of his favorite methods is allowing himself to literally be broken and hit to pieces before simply flowing back to winning the fight. It could accurately be said that rather than killing his opponents, Kaze breaks them. When finally his enemies fails to continue fighting, Kaze seems to transform his personality and simply states. "As an enemy you were a pathetic piece of shit, soon you will be nothing but dust." However, even as a powerful demonic ranking soul, even Kaze can be stunned because of his arrogance. In his first meeting with The king of the Demons he assumed he had easily killed him in a spar with a single blow. Kaze also expresses deep disappointment that some other demons were not a more worthy adversaries. He always seems to long to fight a truly equal opponent. However, underneath his cocky, dark, arrogant attitude, Kaze seems deeply sad and envious of those who have died, for they are blessed with the gift of death, while he himself is unable to die because of his skill and unwillingness to die to any opponent because of pride and must walk for eternity because of that skill. Over the course of his existence, Kaz has come to realize that life needs death to make it precious or in other words an ending punctuation. Kaze chose to fight his way up and become a monsterous threat as what was once known as an Elite Demon, and he regrets it. Another favorite quote of his is "For what they all seem to seek is to wage war, I am not excluded here and all anything and anyone really is, is simply an endless desperate, blood-stained, struggle. In conjunction, Kae also holds a great affinity for those who died in the war, he also takes pride in his desire of being killed by a common soldier which would be the ultimate irony and truth for him. For an ageless war hero to be slain by a common soldier, and of how all monsters are destined to be slain by those who rise up. Kaze often expresses extreme disgust with the other demon factions he's been hunting for the last 100 years, especially when they kill without purpose. When he killed one of the higher ranking faction leaders he said "You've gone and taken all those lives, of your fellow Demons and not even because you were serving a purpose. Is it fun for you? Is that what it takes for filth like you to get off?" Despite this, he isn't entirely against the agelessness and the life of being unbeatable. Rather he believes it is a gift that must be earned and that is limited only to certain personalities or perhaps characters of sufficient will, which he may believe he lacks. As such he views suicide as the lowest of human-like will and a fool's way of escaping, being extremely offended when that high ranking Demons he was going to kill took his own life before being brutally murdered by Kaze. Another important aspect of Kaze's personality is his relationship with death. As a human, he was a crusader, a knight who fought against the Muslim Turks to spread Christianity. As a warrior, he believed that words alone were not enough; that one must accomplish deeds in order to attract Death's hand, a belief he has not found any others who share. When he lost his war and was captured by the Turks, he realized that he had failed. Feeling abandoned by his works, he abandoned God in turn. In a moment of perfect despair.

Heartless Kitaro: As Kaze is an demon, he quickly developed a feel for killing and ends many lives with his blade because simply it is his races way. Kaze is arrogant and aggressive at times and never shows his true self unless he is fighting as har as he possibly could be forced to, he has no regard for any of the others. He proves that he is a skilled fighter time and time again by, taking out all opponents who come at him with ease, though he does not like to use the help of those on his team , he will usually end up using their help to establish himself being a dominant force. Kaze prefers using his body before using his sword, feeling that it provides a more destructive and effective blow to the enemies he uses it constantly throughout the. When fighting multiple enemies at once if they have actual power Kaze has a custom of going into fast killing mode, Drawing his blade and using his abilities to quickly end the fight. This strategy is used numerous times throughout the war and is shown to be incredibly effective.

Cold Kitaro: Ever since he first came onto the demon scene, Kaze has always been mysterious, and has acted as though he was hiding his true self. While sometimes he has flashbacks to his past and after having them he will briefly show his true colors. But, surprisingly, he genuinely was the compassionate brother he had once claimed to be to his brother killed in the war. As a member of Demons, he possessed incredible self-control of his emotions. He constantly displayed an emotionless personality. He only showed surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he didn't lose his composure. He did not possess any arrogance at first, and fully justified any statements he made about his power, even complimenting his opponents at times on their abilities. However that only is kept in this personality of Kaze which is what he used to be like. In addition to being an extremely powerful Demon, Kaze has equally impressive intelligence, and is very wise. He is exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he is rarely surprised or caught off guard. He also display's great intuition, as he is almost never deceived and even then almost instantly realized the truth. Despite his status as now a war criminal for leaving the battle and having murdered a significant portion of demon since then, Kaze took no enjoyment in violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or, if this was not possible, end it as quickly as he could. Kaze's only initial interest was in the goals coming from the higher up status's, and his only loyalties appeared to be to the organization of Demons and its members, seeming to put the organization's success and secrecy before everything else. He once appeared to one of his fellow Demon to be one of the most caring and compassionate people in the world however after a brief working together period this persona was revealed to be only an act to ensure that he would not die by Shinigami hands.

History:IN THE BEGINNING: Kaze was born not as Kaze Daizaemon but as another. Kaze was born as a man known as Sextus Julius Cleus a small sect of the Julian clan of the Roman Empire during the Julian's clan's height of power. The man who ruled the majority of the known world at this time was a man known as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus or known to history as Octavian or Augustus the first true Emperor of the roman Empire. 9 years before Kaze's birth was the birth of a man named Jesus of Nazareth. Kaze was a member of the Octavian army and joined as soon as a pathetic man who tried to bring up another army against his. Legionare by breed and honor Sextus took his shield and on the very top of it so he would be indentified in battle drew a white bird but he had a problem with manuevering in the painting and it came across as a white triangle. For the rest of his days and for his afterlife he would have the name "White Triangle". In his battles he fought against the armies headed by the admitably charismatic Marcus Antonius. Marcus led the army himself and in the final stand of the battle Kaze wanted to end the reign of his lords rival in oower so he got cocky and powerful and moraly boosted and so he rushed the enemy forces. He charged into the enemies territory breaking the ranks of his legion slashing at the enemies legions cutting apart Antony's soldiers and proving that he was a centurion by force and power and skill and not a centurion by years of service to Octavian. Kaze got close to Antony near his opponent known as Mark Antony but he did not get to fight him because upon reaching him and he knew he would have only one shot at this and he threw his blade at him. He missed only hitting Antony's hair and cutting a piece of before he was rushed by other soldiers and with only his shield he batted and beat his way back taking a new blade on the way back to his force and guiding the battle under Octavian's forces. Octavian and Antony fought for another few months or so. Kaze was not in the final battle of this struggle but eventually he had beaten Mark Antony and Octavian rules Rome. Kaze was proud to be a legit in the military on the day that Octavian was announced victor of the war and that Mark Antony was defeated. Kaze rejoined the military and gave his land to another soldier needing only the word of Octavian to survive. Kaze was content with his life however he was eventually killed in a battle fighting the Gallic forces of the Gauls and Kaze died fighting and was known in the Roman army for being a hero. Known as the White Triangle of Rome.

The Death: Kaze in the end did end up with death. The remnant of the Roman Empire when Octavian died Kaze tried to force the new coming Emperor to be like Octavian but even if this emperor was a carbon copy of Octavian then he would never suit Kaze for rule and power. Kaze rushed the Emperor and attacked his personal guard even after being offered to be in charge of the military because of his high ranking status during the time of Octavian. Kaze attacked and swung madly taking down the first round of guards himself. He led slaves out of their pins and led the wildstock out of their barns and into the streets charging all the while. Whenever Romans came he fought alongside whoever would come to his side in the name of the Augustian empire mostly in rage about his best friends death. Even Octavian's dearest inner part led by the man known as Maecenas tried to stop Kaze from his rampage of destruction throughout the Roman Capital. Rome was the playground of Choas for Kaze and he worked his way to the Roman Palace where the next Emperor sat. Blinded with fury Kaze rushed alone headstrong into the Palace the elite guard attacking him Kaze ripping and shredding them to pieces with his blade and shield. He lost his shield in the frey and retreated for a moment to find his shield. He needed to let the entire empire know that he was the white triangle and he would never fade out into dust in their minds. Forever he would haunt their history and their minds until the moment they passed on fearing the vengence he yelled as he tore across the rooms. Kaze used his frenzy to inspire those who followed him to also rush into the palace. The guard came and engaged them and Kaze fought as valiant as he could. He was outnumbered easily 5 to 1 by the roman forces and his rebellious slaves and cooks and masterless horses were no match for the highly trained Roman Soldiers. Kaze and his brother took the front lines however and rushed the front lines tearing apart all who came in their way. Kaze saw his brother taken down before his eyes and that inspired him further. His raw rage inspiring him so much that he grabbed the soldier that killed his brother by the head and held his shoulders down with one hand and pulled up with his other hand wrenching his head off of his body and Kaze then took the man's head and beat it against the floor until it was nothing but a mass of brain leaking on the ground. Kaze continued until he reached the emperors chamber and when he got there he let a bloodculring yell out before he was killed by the private bodyguard who stuck him with about 5 spears right through the gut as he entered the room. Not taking any chances they then behead him right on the floor as he yelled OCTAVIAN and his face forever froze in that last sylable painted with his own blood.

Had it not been for the devil himself, Kitaro would have found himself among the midst of "heaven". The devil made a deal with the young soldier. Forcing him into his own personal army, creating a vivid creature that resembled a vampire, that was set upon the Humanoid world. There to savage anything it pleased. The devil demaned eternal servitude, in return, he could do as he wished and death would be his true freedom. Upon such offer, Kitaro approved, signing the deal with his own blood. Signfying the conclusion of his story and the beginning of his rein of terror.

RP Sample:

Kaze left his old village and walked into the forest. Kaze had a bag on his back leaving the village and his giant body easily carred it into the woods. Kaze made a wierd face as if he had tasted something sour and bitter and terrible as he walked through the forest. Kaze with his free hand that was not slung over his back grabbed at the kunai in his pouch. Kaze removed the kunai from his pouch and put the kunai knife into his mouth completely. It barely fit without cutting him but Kaze kept it in there. Kaze then pulled out a string from his ninja tool collection at his side and pierced through his cheek on one side. Some odd noises now coming from his bag. Kaze ignored these noises with a kick to that bag he silenced them as well. Kaze began his work with the string as in his mouth. Stringing the string through his mouth and through the circle ring on the back end where he held the knife on his kunai knife and then with a sharp thrust stabbed it through the other side of his mouth. A small trickle of blood was seen however Kaze ignored this and tied the string behind his head in a nice bow tie. Kaze smiled without opening his mouth and stretching his cheeks much Kaze allowed the knife in his mouth to be seen by the others around him however there was no one there. Just his bag on the ground and his own person. Kaze then took his hands and created two water clones. These would be beneficial later.

The next phase of this plan would be involving the bag itself and its suspicious contents. This was just some before hand fun for the real event. Kaze cut a hole in the bag and out fell the following. 2 small children ages 4 and 6 approximatly. The next person to fall from the bag was a woman about age 18 and finally another older woman about age 24. "1,2,3 and 4. Hmm which one is going to be the one that suffers the most. All right I choose....3 wait what 3 oh ok." Kaze had begun talking with himself. No one knows why and no one cares at all. So neither should you mr. or ms. reader of this post to this point. Kaze grabbed the third girl that this voice he heard in his head or rather above his head and to the front as if someone were talking to his spirit that dictated all of his movements. An odd experience. Anyways Kaze grabbed the third person of this group and not either of the two small unisex children he had also nabbed and sedated hence the quiet. Kaze threw the bag over the third person in the line which was the 18 year old girl. Kaze with the hole that he had cut into the bag draped it around the teenage female. She was quite attractive so Kaze decided to have fun with her before he started his whole thing with this game that he would play with this girl. Kaze pulled his pants down and with now only his underpants on he pressed his body up against the girl's body and he heard a light moan from the girl. Kaze then rubbed up against her and started sucking on her lips while holding her up in one hand and feeling up her boobies with his other hand. Kaze then began to sing a rather explicit song. "Girl I have seven words for you. You ready girl...I have seven words to say to you girl. Love it when you suck my dick girl." Kaze pushed up against the girl again and with another grunt began talking again. "Damn girl you put the whore in hormone" Kaze laughed before doing one final act with this girl. "In case you survive this ordeal...which you won't sexy. How about you pay attention to this bitchy girly. We really love it when you put the hot water in your mouth, slipping and slobbering about, now it gets hotter in the south,." Kaze laughed one last time before almost falling to the ground but keeping this girl held against the tree.

Kaze took a kunai knife from his hand and put it on her right hand and licked his lips gently aiming his strike perfectly. Kaze then drove the kunai knife into the girl's hand nailing her to the tree with his first strike and with his first used knife in this ordeal. Kaze then moved to her next hand quickly as she started to stir because of the pain and her brain screaming about the pure pain that she was under for this ordeal. Kaze then put the knife in the center of her other hand and nailed quickly. Kaze then looked into the girl's eyes carefully as she began to wake from the heavy sedative. Kaze then leaned in close to her face so that the first thing she saw was his crazy ass bloody face splattered with the blood of the innocent and her own hands in front of him staring at her face. Kaze then opened his mout moving his cheeks up and smiling broad and opening the mouth containing the kunai knife hanging there. The girl was so freaked out she was about the scream as Kaze's hand flicked her in the jaw right where her voicebox is causing her to lose her voice. Her scream came as only a whisper and Kaze laughed and removed the string from his mouth and took the tie from the back of his neck and set it on the ground. It would need to be done soon involving this kunai knife. Kaze then tied another piece of string to that one and strung it through the girls mouth. Kaze then just to be sure she couldn't scream cut the front of this girl's throat so whenver she made a noise she would not be heard she would be drowned out by blood gurgling in her neck because of voice box not being able to work with the tongue and produce screams. Kaze then strung this through the next one. He sung his song to pick his next victim.

"1,2 and 4 are left. Oh I don't want to pick one now....well I guess I will pick four are you happy now. Yes Yes I am." Kaze laughed and strung the next part of the string through the oldest of them. The 24 year old woman and then stretched her body across the body of the 18 year old trying to scream or make any noise at all her blood gurgling in her neck. Kaze then attached the kunai to the very end of it where it would be positioned in front of the right eye of the 24 year old woman. Kaze then rigged it up where it was attached to her mouth where if she screamed and opened her mouth wide the knife would pierce her eye. Kaze also set beneath her a paper bomb attached to the knife. The knife if it were to move a total of 2 inches the bomb beneath this woman's head would explode and kill her and blow the lower half of the 18 year old's body to dust. Kaze held this older woman in place by nailing one hand to the side of the tree that was on the right of the 18 year old girl the other one was to the left of the 18 year old girl and this held her there. Kaze then leaned down and wrote on a small piece of paper and placed it in front of the kunai so the woman could read it if she stayed calm. The note read the following. If you scream you will be killed. If you try and run you will suffer incredible pain. If you try and escape I will kill you painfully and terribly. Kaze then turned to the 18 year old girl and laughed. Kaze then took some of his shuriken and stabbed one into each of the shoulders of the 18 year old girl and spoke to her now. "If you can tell me yes I will give you a new house a new life all the power you could possibly want all the men in the world posibly all the women in the world a puppy and a life of luxury if you tell me you want it." Kaze paused as the girl started trying to scream again and blood began dripping onto the woman below her and waking her up to the pain. As soon as she realized this was going on the woman screamed and Kaze took a heavy jumped up into a nearby tree and there was an explosion causing the woman to explode leaving only her lower half and leaving the 18 year old girl's only with an upper half. To the untrained eye this was the same person however it seemed to be someone different.

Kaze laughed maniacally and then moved onto the next part of this mission. he took the lower half of the woman who had her upper body destroyed and stuck it under the 18 year old woman and took a string and began sewing with a senbon and sewed with woman together. Kaze then nailed this woman's lower half to the tree under his girl and then Kaze began his work now that she was held in position. Kaze removed the head and then pulled her head off the tree and stabbed a shuriken into her head. Kaze then put it in front of the 4 year unisex kid. Kaze then cut the toes off of this woman and stuck them into her mouth. Kaze then stuck two toes the biggest ones into the nasal holes of this child. Kaze then stuck the pinky toes of this woman into this kids ears. Kaze then woke the kid up and the kid being a small child and not recognizing the toes ate them and was happy about it. Kaze knew this was a good opportunity and sedated the child again and cut up the two mixed together women and cut the skin off of them and because the head was removed from the only head left in the group they felll apart and Kaze put their bodies into the bag and drug them to the small child. The child then began eating the bodies of the two women without realizing it. Kaze then picked up the second small child which he now realized was a female girl. [yes I know female girl is redundant so shut up about it.] Kaze then took this kid and cut a small hole in this girl's foot and drug her around turning the grass around the forest bloody while this kid cried and the other kid was eating the two women because he was a hungry child and needed to be sustained with whatever means possible for the two at the time. Kaze felt sick but he knew this would be worth it. Kaze took his kunai knife and walked towards the female kid and said to this girl."You are a whore in training. Just because I removed you from your parents doesn't meant that you get the chance to get away with this crap. You need to wear a freaking shirt you whore." Kaze then stabbed through the girl completely first on the side that had no heart and then on the side that the girl's heart was on. Kaze laughed and then picked up what was left of this girl and threw the girl towards the village where if someone were entering the woods they would see this dead body.

Kaze walked over to the last kid and picked him up and shook him violently causing him to throw up on what was left of the remains. Kaze then cut a vagina into this kid and laughed while doing this. Kaze then stuck his pinky finger into the newly made woman's ear and twisted it around until he poked through this used to be unisex child and breaking the eardrums. The kid started crying to Kaze yelled at the kid. "WHY THE FUCK DIDN"T YOU WEAR A SHIRT MOTHERFUCKER." Kaze said and then opened fired with senbon at this kid and basically destroyed his body. Kaze attached a final kunai to a string and threw it into a tree. Another kunai was attached to another string and thrown into the opposite tree and finally the string was forced threw the ribcage of this kid and he was strung up. Kaze stood under him the kid's head touching Kaze's head beacuse Kaze was too tall for this joke to be played correctly anymore. The reason the kid's head was touching Kaze's head because it rotated upside down while being attached to the tree. Kaze laughed and then waited for his opponent who was known as Ichimaru too come. He was ready now.


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This is a really good app, but I have one problem: One you cool-down-time, duriation, etc. you show a number. Is that the number of posts?
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Yes. The numbers are related for number of posts. For instance:

Duaration: 1 Cool down: 3

This means I can use the ability for 1 posts and have to wait an additional 3 of MY posts before being able to use it again.

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Alright, Approved.
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Kitaro Eleven December
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