An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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 Kohaku (complete)

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PostSubject: Kohaku (complete)   Wed May 26, 2010 1:21 pm

Name: Kohaku (meaning amber)
Alignment: evil
Nickname: Haku
Age: 572 yet looks like she is 18


looks like the picture above except her hair is slightly shorter,and her eyes are ruby red.

Wing Appearance: she has pure black wings that perfectly match the darkness that surrounds the world at night.

Weapon Name: markuma (black fire)

Weapon Appearance:

Weapon true Appearance:

Wing incantation: burn them into eternal darkness

Wing Abilities:

She has the ability to teleport through shadows, while teleporting she can also go trough solid objects and elements such as buildings,rock, metal,fire, ice,ect.She can also take allys if she wishes but she can only take up to three people at a time.

She can create a clone image of her enemy from a shadow, the shadow clone has the exact replica of the original's strength and speed but it can't copy the original's abilities.the shadows can be destroyed by sunlight only.

She can blast dark energy from her blade causing heavy damage to the opponent if he/she is struck by it.

She can also manipulate black fire,it acts just like actual fire except it's black and it's 50x can even burn in the water,it can be put out with actual sunlight. Yet if the black fire comes in contact with other sources of fire it can consume it transforming it Into more black fire making it more powerful.

She can also tear open a portal in the sky for a quick entrance to the angels relm,earth,hell's nest, ect.

She can create dark matter from her blade, causing 100 miles radious to be surrounded by complete darkness including the sky leaving everyone in that area temporarily blind for two posts.not even fire,or any other source of light can help.

At night because of her darkness abilities, Kohaku's senses are sharpend. She can see in complete darkness, and she is 10 times stronger and faster then she is during the day.

Personality: Kohaku is a mischievous and sinister character that takes joy in fighting and making humans and weak angels feel uncomfortable. She admires courage but snickers at peoples overconfidence. She hates angels and any human who works for them and if she meets someone like that she will immediantly try to kill him/her. She has a seductive and a somewhat perverted side that likes to tease others with her body or with embarrassing comments that just make someone blush.She Shows respect to some higher ranking demons but she doesn't treat them like they are gods. At times she can be rude and disrespectful to most people. She is only at times friendly around fellow demons and rarely, dark angels.She seceretly hates killing human children or pregnant woman due to what happened when she was alive ( see history) she is happy when she finds an opponent that is equal to her strength and likes having long battles with one that is on equal footing with her. However if her oponent is weaker than she, she prefers having a quick fight and ending his/her life quickly. Despite her blood thirsty personality she does show some respect to her opponent when she fights him/her, if she is fighting someone in battle and she wins she would kneel before the dying oponent while saying somethig like,"thanks for doing your best and showing me what your true strength is now I leave you here to cherish the happy times in your life befoe you die.." or if her opponent is dying a slow painful death she would kill him/her in the most painless way imagineable.


Many years ago before her death,Kohaku was born into a poor family of theives. As a child she was taught to pick pockets,rob a house,and to steal items and run away without being seen or heard. If she got caught her father and mother would beat her harshly for failing to bring home stolen goods.

As she got older she grew up to be a lovely teenager, but unfortuneatly there where people who were too attracted to Kohaku and when no one else was around some men would find her, push her up against a wall in a dark ally and would take turns touching,kissing,and stroking her body.for the first few weeks that it started she hated it and wanted them to leave but after a month she had grown used to the sexual abuse and learned to take pleasure in sexual least When she finally had to confess the truth to her parents they best her mercilessly.She ran away and lived a new life.

By the time she turned 18 life just kept getting worse, men and male demons started to start sexually harassing her and beating her if she tried to fight day she became pregnant with a demon's child and when the village preists heard about this,they ordered her to be executed.they tied her to a stake while she stood and dead,dry grass and hay. While her entire body was consumed in flames in a matter of moments she could feel the pain of her soul leaving her body.

Thinking that it was all just a dreashans that she didnt die yet,she awoke to a sound of a mans voice,the voice then said," do you believe in fate? I will give you two hours to answer." before the voice left Kohaku said," yes of course I do and whoever doesn't is a fool." as that sentence left her lips she heard dark laughter as she felt hell's flames burn around her, black wings sprouted from her back causing her to slightly bleed, her eyes burned and became ruby red, and her teeth became slightly sharper but they didn't look any different. She screamed and disappeared into hell becoming a demon.

After many years of living in hell she grew to be comfortable being a demon and she learned to hate angels. She swore that she would serve fate like all the other demons and to kill any angel that crosses her path.

Rp sample:

Gazing her ruby red eyes over the city of Tokyo, japan. Kohaku was sitting on top of a building' roof licked her lips, looking for the presence of an angel or a human. It was now nightime and many of the humans where now asleep. She sniffed the air lightly catching the scent of pure hearted human. She smiled wickedly and jumped from the roof silently following the girl. As the woman walked into her home, and was about to turn on the lights, Kohaku grabbed her from behind and covered the woman's mouth."don't make a sound.." she shut the door and as the woman screamed out for help,Kohaku immediantly bit down in the woman's neck, slowly draining her blood. The warm, sweet red liquid ran down Kohaku's throat. In moments the woman fell dead in the demon's arms. Kohaku dropped the dead corpse and licked the corner of her mouth where a drop of blood remained." mmm...the sweet taste of innocence.... Truely delightful." she said while laughing as she ran out of the house and escaped the crimescene and out into the night just in time to hear the siren's of police cars coming closer. But unfortuneatly she escaped, And she wasn't in the mood to drain the tangy flavored blood of police men. She smirked and teleported into the darkness and disappeared. Heading back home from another successful hunt...

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   Wed May 26, 2010 5:08 pm

Bit more Personality please. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   Wed May 26, 2010 5:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   Thu May 27, 2010 12:28 am

My only problem with this is the exact replica thing. With your powers in addition, that would totally be overpowered considering you could copy another one's in total abilities. Please make it a lot less powerful and this should be ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   Thu May 27, 2010 5:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   Thu May 27, 2010 8:19 am

Alright, as I see it you've fixed your personality as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Kohaku (complete)   

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Kohaku (complete)
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