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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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PostSubject: Itami's profile   Thu May 27, 2010 7:18 am

Name: Itami ; Shizuka(Real name)
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 18 yrs. Old
Itami exclude herself from the people, she doesn’t get along well with the others because she despise them. The nature of the humans is one thing that makes her sick. Itami viewed them as unfaithful, evils, dense, and untrue to their selves. Despite her anger towards them, she can’t ignore those people who are in need.
Even with her strong appearance and strong aura she gives in a battle she is weak. A scar in her heart that can never be healed. This has become the reason for anger towards mankind.
Enclosing herself makes her indifferent, unapproachable, dense, evil and untrue to herself. In other words she hates herself for what she has become. The nature of mankind that makes her sick was all along within her.
Weapon name: Kiyomeru
Weapon appearance:
A long bow engraved with a gem at the middle.
Weapon abilities:
Protective Barrier
The one that gives off this protective barrier is the gem. Once the master is surrounded by the barrier, attacks and any magic spells or incantation won’t be possible. The protection may last depending on the life force of the master. The appearance would be two strands of energy force circling around the master.
Fire arrow
To be chanted out, mind is what is used. once the arrow is released, it is the only moment that fire will appear. It would hit the opponent depending on aim of the master.
Hole arrow
To be chanted out, mind is what is used. This arrow aims for an area near the opponent and would create a hole. The hole has a huge power hat enables it to suck the enemy. after sometime the enemy would be released from the hole unconscious.
Holy arrow
To be chanted out, mind and heart is what is used. It always hit the head of the opponent and then sucks it magic force and half of its life force.
Wood arrow
A single arrow, which splits into three. One of the three arrows contains a poison that may weaken the defense of the opponent.
The gift of healing
The life force that she got from the enemies are the once that she use to heal others. But if she doesn’t have any life force from the enemy and use the gift of healing, her own life force is being decreased and it can’t be replenish. She uses her bare hands in doing this.
Multiple arrows
Though this attack contains just normal arrows, the no. of arrows that is being released depends on the no. of enemy. Yet if Itami is fighting with a single opponent she can released at about 20 arrows to heat the enemy at a high speed.
Itami belongs in a family that excels in trade. At a young age her eyes is open on how the society works. The merchants that trade goods with the town’s people, the town’s people who sells them, warriors that protects the town, and the peasants which receives help from those who have a good heart. This is the kind of environment where she grew. Her family always gives help to those who are in need.
At the age of 14 her father told her to learn the skill of archery in order to defend herself. Itami asked why does she has to learn the skill of archery and her father just gave her a warm smile. At the age of 18 she mastered the skills of archery.
In the four years of training she had met Kanashima who is really a good friend of hers. They are always together, and would climb a hill where at the top you can see a huge tree of Sakura tree. Holding each other’s hand and sit under the tree. Their heads on each other’s head, the comfort that they have for one another that always last until dawn.
One day The father of Itami talked with Kanashima. ‘’The reason that I asked Shizuka to learn archery is for her to defend herself from the threat to our family. I have placed my trust to Kanashima that you will protect Shizuka” Itami, upon hearing their conversation accidentally released a tray of tea that she is holding and ran then Kanashima chased after her. She calm herself under the sakura tree with Kanashima at her side. The moment she stood up, there she saw a huge fire at the town, she rushed down to see, shocked of what she saw. The one that is on fire is their house and its too late to save her father and mother. No one even helped to put out the fire, she can’t understand the reason why no one helped out. “Oka-sa….Oto-san…..” Then tears run down from her face and screamed “Why??!! Who would do such a thing?!?”
She slowly walked together with Kanashima towards the hill to make a grave for her family. Itami stared Kanashima’s eyes hugged him then cried. He whispered “Your father is a fool for believing in me and you as well is a fool for loving me!!” A frightened look is what you can see in her eyes.
What did you say?!?
You’re a fool, you taught I love you but it is all a lie. The reason for your father’s and mother’s death is me. I was the one who created the fire.
How can you do this?!? Tears run down her face. Then a knife struck into her heart, Stricken by someone she loved. Yet a tear run downs from kanashima’s eyes. Itami asked “why is there a tear in your face after being satisfied?” “Why? You are asking me why? It is because I love you more than anything else in this world but I can’t escape my destiny of killing your whole family. Your father is the reason that I lost my family.” But it’s too late Itami didn’t hear his words, she lay there lifeless in Kanashima’s arms.
“Good bye Shizuka……”
“’Coz Fate might exist in the views of others and yet may not in some.” Her answer
After her encounter with Fate. Itami has lived her life on her own, without friends nor any close relative. She herself can't understand why does she hate humans though she is one of them. Itami never smile nor talk with anyone, it is like her world only revolves around her.

There was a festival at the town that day, Itami decided to come. The moment she arrived, it is like she had been there many times. For awhile she felt really relaxed seeing the scenery of happiness. There she come into one of the stalls. "WOW! a target shooting" she said. "Want to try it? ms." "okay let me try". The jaw of the vendor almost drop because of the skill that Itami has. "Three bulls eye?!?" Out of curiosity, the vendor asked Itami" Where did you learn your skill in archery?" Surprised of what the man had asked, Itami doesn't know what to answer, 'cause in the past she know she never learned archery. "Hmm,..well I guess I just got lucky this time sir." Then Itami left the stall, while walking she asked herself since when did she learn to use a bow? she knew that it was not luck that made her score like that.

"help!!!Help!!!" A scream caought her attention, upon turning around she saw a lion from the circus about to attack a child, yet no one around care to help the child, they just stared at the scene also scared. "Damn I hate this coward humans!" Due to the rush, and feel of responsibility helping the child, Itami with a battle hunger face rans towards the target shooting and grab the bow and arrow. Without a second released an arrow hitting the head of the lion. Shocked of what she has done, Itami ran as fast as she can towards a hill. There she sat under a huge Sakura tree. Confused of her abilities."How did I do that? how can I do something as that? How?!?" Questions filled her head, it seems that it doesn't make sense at all. Still can't get an answer from her head, she lay her back at the Sakura tree, she felt the comfort she need at that time. Without noticing it she fall asleep.

It was already morning when she woke up. She never felt this relieved after sleeping in this hill. Then Itami stood up to her feet, stretched her body looking at the horizon," What a peacful place this is". She decided to go back to the town and see what's going on. She spend thw whole day in there. while walking in place where there is a little crowd someone called out her name.'Shizuka" she turned around suddenly, who could have known her name and there she saw a young man. "I believe that is your name young mistress" With an indifferent face she asked "And who are you?, I believe I don't know you at all." I'm a wonderer just like you, let me tell you this "Sooner or later you would blossom just like the Sakura tree from that hill" Anger is what she felt at that moment, is like he knew her and i gives Itami a scared feeling which she doesn't like. "Blossom you say? I dont understand you at all!" You will know the answer to every question you have in mind, soon, for now keep this bow and arrow,you might need it" Itami took Bow and arrow and examined it, there she saw, an extraordinary bow, the bow conatains a precious gem at its middle."Hey! why are you giving me this precious thing? I don't have any money to pay you back." "Its a gift" the young man said with a dignified voice. "Really things are strange lately, and I can't understand it at all" Itami bow down her head, thinking deep inside her head."You might know the answer if you would go at that hill". The moment she heard this, she raised her head, surprised because the young man is nowehre to be found.

Desperate to find the answer, she went to the hill. On her way, an unexpected event welcomes her. Terrified of what she saw, she rans towards the hill. There still shaking "Why did that man struck a knife into someones heart?!? Yet still no one cares to help? Why?!?" questions filled her head once again, as if she can't take it anymore, it's too much for her to handle it alone. Suddenly a strong wind struck her, due to her unbalanced she fell and hit her head to the tree. "What is this place? I guess its the town, then there as if events struck her on by one, she remembered everthing, the death of his family, the betrayal of her love, the reason for her death" Then tears run down her face,"Oka-sa....Oto-san...Kanashima...." She was there crying, staring at the dawn. Felt hopeless. "Now I understand everything, everything makes sense right now." After remembering everything, she then stood up wipe out her tears,cling the bow into her shoulder and then turned around the down with face of revenge.

RP Sample
Laying my back at the hard yet comforting trunk of the Sakura tree, while holding my bow, I felt the relaxing touch of the wind. Suddenly a whole flower of the cherry blossom landed on my lap, it is like giving me smile, which is used to be always done by Kanashiwa. Tears run down my face as if it would never stop.”Oka-sa….Oto-san…my family, kanashiwa the man I loved. The one who killed me, and my family.” I stare at the sky, trying to pull myself together, stopping the tears from falling down.
A small voice I heard “Itami-nee-chan…” I saw a small boy with a questioning face was there and then I blink my eyes once more and saw the face of Kanashima.”Kanashima…!” I was shocked seeing his face from the boy's face.
Itami-neechan, Kanashima??
Sorry, you really look like someone I knew from the past, anyway do I know you? And why do you know me? I lift my back and sat straightly to hear the boy’s answer
I have met you at the town, you helped me while I’m being bullied by some gangs. A sincere face is what I can see in his eyes just like Kanashima. Then I tapped his head and said “Just be careful next time, I guess you have to go home little one its already getting late.” I stand up clinging my bow to my shoulder, then I heard the boy speak of great curiosity. “Why do you have Itami for a name, it seems it doesn’t suit you at all?”I kneel down to his height, “well then, what name would fit me?” I asked him with a warm smile. “Shizuka!” Surprised of what name he has given me I hug him, despite I despise mankind, this child gives me comfort. I let go of the tight grasp and saw the boy blushing.”Sorry young one, it is just that, you have given me a very nice name, may I ask why Shizuka?” I looked at him straight in the eyes and the young one also looked at me, in his eyes I can see the truthfulness of his words.”Your name Itami, it stands for suffering, pain while Shizuka it means calm, peaceful.”
I stand up and felt like crying again,afraid of showing the tears, I gave a warm smile to the boy and said, “I think your father and mother is looking for you, go home already and beside it’s dangerous for you to be alone this late.” Then the child ran off and I turned around to his direction when I heard him shouting , “Shizuka-nee-chan, the reason I’m here is because I’m always here and wait for the dawn. I find it comforting here. Though before I was wondering why my father always come here and find comfort, now I know ..Thank you Shizuka-nee-chan and the one you called me out awhile ago that’s my father’s name” I saw the big smile of the boy thanking me and then he ran off totally. Without noticing, again tears run down my face and I sat down helplessly crying and crying. “Kanashima…I see you have you own family, a son who is very comforting just like you. How can I kill you?!? I can’t!!! I can’t!!! In grief I walk and leave the Sakura tree and asked myself, “What would I live my life for?” I wondered and wondered. Exhausted of today’s revelation I lay down my back and sleep
The moment I woke up, I find myself sleeping at the Sakura tree, still holding my bow at the same position I slept. Confused on what’s happening, I cool down myself and try to remember things. With a relaxing sigh, “It was all just a dream”. I stand up from my seat then suddenly, this time a petal was drop to my clothes, I grasp it and walk near the cliff. “Kanashima, I’ll search for you, It won’t be a happy ending for you, you will feel the scar inside my heart, I swear!” Then I let go of the petal, it flew through the setting sun and turned my back from it saying, “The Shizuka you knew was gone just like the petal of the sakura tree, it already vanished through the horizon of nowhere.”

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PostSubject: Re: Itami's profile   Thu May 27, 2010 8:26 am

Hello, I will be reviewing your application, Itami.

Your abilities are good, but it needs changes, first off is its decree of explanation.

Fire Arrow- the way you described it seems like when you fire it, it will go directly and attack the heart without fail. This cannot be allowed as one shot may mean a definite kill. Please change accordingly.

Hole Arrow- I don't understand the concept, please elaborate or explain a little bit further.

Holy Arrow- An arrow that travels at the speed of light is an arrow that will kill anyone in her aim. First off the speed will enhance the attack, and second its impossible to dodge. This cannot be allowed, as something so fast cannot be possibly achieved. Please edit accordingly.

Your history should include not only your answer to fate, which you won't give, and your life as a reborn-human. (She will remember he's past life after some time and realize her power later on as well)

RP Sample is good, but take note of the small grammatical errors and such. Either way, it is fine, but doing a spell check wouldn't hurt so much.

That is all, once edited, please place a reply so we could check it out as soon as possible. Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Itami's profile   Thu May 27, 2010 11:21 am

I'm done editing my profile...I guess error are still visible..
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PostSubject: Re: Itami's profile   Thu May 27, 2010 11:30 am

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PostSubject: Re: Itami's profile   Thu May 27, 2010 11:32 am

thanks for the approval..Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Itami's profile   

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Itami's profile
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