An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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 The beginning of the end

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PostSubject: The beginning of the end   Sun May 30, 2010 3:40 am

The sky shifted, the warm and brightful day taking a turn for the worse. The sky blackened with unnatural ink of the nether realm, the clouds from all over the globe circled into the focal point, drawing and drawing until an amniotic form a tornado lashed out above the land.

People ran in fear, weaving through the streets, abandoning their cars, items, even children as they took it upon themselves to save their cowardly skins. It was natural and righteous for the devil was truly upon them. In the whim of hell was he confined though his eye was keener than God's. He, the devil, had always been watching, always aware and always knowing. The time had come. The horsemen, having planned the betrayl for nearly a millenium, acted. They renounced their affilations with the devil, knowing that the gates to the abyss where the scrolls of destiny resided were open once again.

"Demons. It is I, your lord. I command thee, slaughter all those that oppose us. Slaughter those that have betrayed you. Slaughter all those who are not kin. For I am your lord. Slaughter everything. This is your duty" said a thick voice, much like thunder than a real specific voice. Lighting flashed down, slamming into the ground, reducing cities into rubble, vaporizing a vast amount of life that were in the vacinity of such strikes.

"Fail and you shall suffer. Succeed and you shall be forever in my favour" the devil spoke as monumental thunderbolt, as large as 6 miles, slammed down into the ground, vaporizing through the core of Earth it'self and a tunnel leading into the realm of hell. An opening. An invitation.

The clouds began to grow a bright white then scattered in an instant, leaving two overly large gates in the sky. The gates were surrounded by creatures of the nether, Gate guardians if you will. Standing tall and proud, the creatures wore bore a heavy cloak that covered their animalistic silhouettes. Though their gleaming red eyes were seen through the small pores in the cloak (clearly made for their vision). They gave a harsh cry, letting all those know in the world that a war was to begin.

[In your respective domains, you will find a deity visiting, with a proposal. Should you wish to participate, then post in the meeting, if not then...]

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The beginning of the end
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