An RP about the war between angels and demons for supremacy.
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Storyline and Chapter Updates!
Fri May 28, 2010 2:10 am by Icarus
I am proud to say that the brief History of God's War that will answer most questions, including who is Fate is now posted on the Plot and Update forum. Also, I have posted our First Chapter which is named "The Four Horsemen" that should be finished within two months. This First Chapter will be the basis of events during its run as well as most RPs.

Here are the links you should check …

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Good news!
Mon May 24, 2010 12:44 am by Icarus
Hello, I would like to say that the site has been running great! But we need more players if were going to keep running, we also need more people to start RPing, so go and do your applications as early as you can.

The more players you invite, the more fun the site will be!

Thank you!

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PostSubject: Kurokon Shikyo   Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:19 am

Name: Kurokon Shikyo
Alignment: Nuetral
Nickname: Death
Age: 2043

Wing Appearance:

Weapon Name: Shikyo

Weapon Appearance: A long slender Ninjato, hooked to his shoulder

Weapon True Form:

Wing Incantation: BLeed them dry

Wing Abilities: Kurokon can full control both lightning and fire, as well as make them both. He can even make them condense into solids. He is immune to excess energy, such as heat, fire, lightning, electricity, or radiation.

Personality: Kurokon is peaceful and caring, he is loyal and friendly. He usually stays away from fights and death, but does fight when he needs to.

History: As a Child Kurokon was abandoned on earth, after a demon raped an angel. He became the first angel/demon hybrid and met a man named Jesus. He liked the man and beleived in him, his strong beleif of god told him to follow the man, as well as his instincts. He trusted jesus completely, he even escorted him to heaven when he died. Kurokon lived in Japan as a villager, he learned many languages and he was noted for his powers as death, being feared by both angels and demons.

RP Sample: Kensei lept from tree to tree, searching for Grimmjow and his followers. Kensei just wanted peace and Grimmjow's group disturbed his peace he needed. Kensei had known that grimmjow would try to take over Hueco mundo, it was rather obvious, otherwise he wouldnt have had to try to get people to join him. Grimmjow may have been captain level in power, but he was stupid, and that was his mistake.

By the Reiatsu Kensei was letting out it was obvious if he found Grimmjow he would kill him. Hollows that would have normally attacked him ran in fear, scared of his power. His reiatsu easily dwarfed even captain levels, not surprising, since he was on par with aizen. Kensei knew that Seiyu would punish him later for acting out of her orders, but he didnt care, grimmjow had been given free will and he abused his abilities beyond forgiveness, it was time for action.

He stopped on a branch, noticing a pressence following him. He could easily deal with it but he didnt care for it right now, he wanted grimmjow dead and soon he would be, by Kensei's hand. It was only a matter of time before Grimmjow became one with the dirt.
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Kurokon Shikyo
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